Body of Art

What is true art? It is struggle and sacrifice. It is commitment to your vision and a belief that there is something greater than what is on the surface. I believe that your body is a work of art, that is crafted by every decision you make. You don't like what you see, then change it. I have a strict policy of recognizing when you are making excuses and complaining, owning your struggle and standing up to the demons in your life. It forces you to be better, always. And in all ways. 

Fitness sets you free. It requires hard work, every single time you show up. It is around the clock, you have to put in the effort during the workout, and you have to eat healthy, whole foods that fuel your workouts and help your muscles repair. This is a never ending job, now how bad do you want it? How bad? Because I want to work with people who have a fighter inside of them, they crave the discipline and the struggle. That is what I am about, that is who I am and who I want to surround myself with. That is the community of people I want to build. 


Body of Art refers to all private training and coaching. It is more demanding and requires that you have a moderate level of fitness already built up. Fit For Life, which will be covered in another blog refers to streaming online classes and bootcamp. Tailored towards beginners or those that have taken time off. Regardless of your fitness level or what branch you want to join, these programs were designed to help you at every stage of life. 

Katherine Ryan