On Progress

Every night, I reflect. Come morning, I wake up with great purpose, because there are only so many hours in a day. My routine keeps me focused. It keeps me on track. What is your routine? Write down one goal, and the steps you will take to get to that goal. Example:

GOAL: I want to fit into my red dress. 
Step 1: I will work out 2-3 times per week. I will sign up at "Studio Name" for a monthly membership, and for my first week of classes.
Step 2: I am going to prep all of my breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Dinner will be planned 5 nights a week, with 2 meals reserved for friends and family. 
Step 3: I will purchase a new watch that counts my steps. For the first month my goal is "X" steps. After that I will increase to "X."

What is reflection? It is asking the hard question, "Am I living up to my goals?" To answer yes, lay out a plan of what needs to be accomplished, and how you are going to accomplish that plan. But take it a step further. Write about how you felt during the workout, and what can be improved upon the following day. If it is improving fitness, do one extra push up, grab a heavier set of weights, or run for five extra minutes. Whatever your goal, be committed to moving closer to it.

Not every form of fitness will be suited towards you.That's okay! Understand that you should try new activities, be open to learning, and maybe one day loving that form of fitness. If it is not for you, cross it off the list and move on. 

Fill your life with what you desire. Healthy food and healthy relationships are only going to build you up. Feeling great in your body and having your health is the most important investment any of us can make. 


Sending love, health and happiness.