Weak Links

3 rounds of: 

Step Ups x15

Single leg squat (use step or chair) x10

Loaded Carry 5 yards + 10 lunges 

Single leg deadlift x10 

Single arm swing x15

Seek out every angle of this. Step ups, trying to focus on arch support. I would take off my shoes and work on strengthening the foot. Feeling the through line to the glute and activating at the top and bottom of each step. Adding in a lifted opposite leg, knee to hip height is usually appropriate. 

Single leg squat it is about getting the hips far back enough that you are sitting into the chair and standing right back up. You will feel the hamstring and glute FIRE up and that is the goal. Modify if needed with a higher chair (add a cushion) or by sitting with both feet planted, then floating one leg to stand. 

Loaded carry, working on grip strength and posture. Adding the lunges to stay with the theme. Make sure that thumb is wrapped fully around the weight, and is squeezing into the index finger. To have balanced legs, you would have to live a balanced life and no one does that. There is always a stronger leg, trying to focus on strengthening the leg that lags behind. Usually if the right quad dominates, then the left hamstring is a bit stronger. You will find these similarities within your body as well. 

Coming to the deadlift, I would use a wall to set up the deadlift first, making sure to sit back far enough in the standing leg, use the opposite hand to press one or both hands into the wall. This will shift the weight back in the foot and the load will go into the glute/hamstring. Add weight when you feel ready. 

Single arm swing is about efficiency and working within the anatomical spiral lines. Changing up the direction and only using one arm, will require maximum recruitment. Make sure you drop to about half or less of what you usually swing to start. 


Exploration, take time to explore the work. Each exercise must be respected and understood. The first time, be patient and keep weights light. It took time to get where I am today. I don’t say that lightly. I have spent years in gyms and put in the hard work. I used to be the hardest worker in the room. Now I try to be the wisest. I tap into the hard work when it is necessary. I can outwork you any day of the week but that does not mean I am serving the greatest good for my body. 

Inspiration, is self sparked. I see people going to studios to get inspired by a song or a quote. That is superficial inspiration, it is not going to last because it did not come from an authentic source. I don’t need anyone telling me to push harder or motivating me. I show up and I get it done. I can read a workout and interpret that for what I need to accomplish that day. That is a self motivated athlete. Not all of us are wired that way and I completely understand that. But there are ways in which you can improve. The first is by showing up, you have to dedicate time to improving every single day. The second thing is to take away all distractions. It should never take me standing in your living room for you to focus. And the third thing is to find your path. It takes time alone to discover what motivates you. That can be a long walk, reading a book, journaling, or you name it. Taking the time to look outside of yourself and explore a world that is moving, thinking and breathing to a different rhythm than yours is empowering. 

My mother always told me, where there is a will, there is a way. And I speak that to every client when they present problems to me. When you can see they want to give up or they are growing weary. It is a tough journey. Nothing happens overnight. I was not given anything to make my career blossom. I think the opposite I was given nothing and had to scrape by for what I have. I know that nothing will be given to me. I say this because day in and day out I walk through gyms, I teach at studios and come into people’s homes. And I see a lot of people, the ones who want to be inspired and then those that already are. The burden is not mine to inspire another. I am there to be a constant. I am there to support a process that has already begun. I know what it takes, so I am there to guide you and to assure you that this is the work that you need to be doing. I am there to make sure it is done right, that you are given modifications when necessary. I am NOT here to be your motivational speaker. I am NOT here to be your church service. I will give you the extra inspiration or motivation when I see it fitting into a puzzle that you already started. 

Katherine Ryan