WWD (weekly workout diary)

Leg Workout 

3 rounds of:

Jump rope 10:00

Plank 1:00

Hollow Hold 2 x :30

Main Set:

Kettle Swing x25

Deadlift x15

Lunge Step Backs x10/leg

Step Ups x10/leg

Wall Sit 1:20

Beginners: Modify, modify, modify!! And never feel bad for it. Be proud that you did it and keep at it tomorrow and the next day. I would do one round of jump rope to get warm and activate the legs. Try breaking up the plank holds and hollow holds. It activates the core, it allows you to feel where your body is today. Break up every exercise into the size that you can do. If two minutes of jump rope gets you breathless, then take a break and try to do that one more time. Never perform an exercise without the consent of your doctor, and always use caution when lifting weight or performing any new exercises. Try it with no weight first and always start with a light (5-10 lbs) before adding more. 

When it comes to the main set I always encourage form and confidence before adding weight. There is no rush to lift heavy, you have the rest of your life to make gains. Make sure you understand the mechanics of a kettle swing, a deadlift and the proper angles of lunge and step back. The wall sit, is best effort for time but it has to be repeatable for all three rounds. Try to finish the first set feeling good but not worked. 

I would encourage all levels to focus on the main set, jump rope you can cut the set down to five minute sets after the first round. But always get the main set in, every rep, all three rounds. Be consistent with the weight you are lifting and understand the breath, and the alignment before adding weight. 

Advanced: I commit to one challenging weight for the main set. Whatever you choose, have a thought behind it of why it is necessary to push yourself in that exercise today. When I did this workout, I lifted heavy for the deadlift and focused on maintaining support through the upper body. 

As always, I roll out post workout. I would definitely focus on rolling the glutes on Supernova 120mm and 80mm along with hitting the back with at least a foam roller. Add in some YTU balls for even more depth. I tend to put a lot of tension into my trapezius, and rolling that out after a long workout is the BEST! Drink plenty of water and eat within thirty minutes of your workout. 

For videos of workouts you can check out my YouTube channel for free workouts or Vimeo for subscribed content. If you are unsure of any exercises, both YouTube and Vimeo have breakdowns of hollow, kettle swings and deadlifts. If you enjoyed the workout, there are more to come. Please leave any comments, suggestions or requests for future workouts below. Always trying to improve and be better to give you the best content I can.