WWD #3

Upper Body Workout

*if you do not have equipment at home, improvise with what you can. Parks will have a pair of single bars that you can use for the pull ups, dead hangs and leg lifts. 

2 rounds of: 

Plank hold 1:00 

Side plank hold 1:00

Reverse plank hold 1:00


Plank shoulder taps x15

Side plank twist x10

Crab toe touch x15


Pull ups :30 (as many as you can)

Dead hang :45 (make sure shoulders are active, pulled down so that your neck is visible)

Leg lifts :30 (as many as you can)


You are doing two rounds of the entire set, the space in between each set is to give you space for resting if needed. I recommend up to two minutes of resting between each “set.” It is important to push yourself through the hold set and not take rest between each hold. After to reset, drink water and set up for the next section. 

Beginners: for time and repetitions, modify. That is not what is important. Read the entire workout, understand your rest times between sets and modify your workout to fit into what is being asked of you. 

Advanced: add time to the last set, I would start by increasing the dead hang and leg lifts first, making sure I can do two rounds of that before adding time to pull ups. I encourage all my clients to do these SLOW and with control.