WWD #5


All Fours: opposite leg + arm lifted: if you are doing this with the left leg pressing into the ground, try to take your left hand and gently place it on your back. Focus should be on bringing the work into the middle of the body, while you are lifting up and out. 
HOLD for :30 then lift UP x10 and OUT x10

Side Plank: try to start with knees down, the focus here should be on the obliques, and glutes. Making sure that elbow is under the shoulder, knees can be placed in line with the hips or slightly in front of them. If you are engaging the glutes properly you should see the lift/engagement when you look down.
1:00/side advanced add :30 each

V-ups: knees bent to modify, work on keeping the feet UP, when you are at the top of your v-up, knees and feet should be in the same line and when you lower down into the hollow position, feet and head should be in the same line. This helps to prep you to straighten the legs, it also requires more lower abdominal strength. 
2x10 beginners 2x15 advanced

Pilates leg lifts: laying on your back with bent knees, lift your hips and place the pilates ball under your tailbone. Press your tailbone down into ball, this will engage your abdominals, but also make sure you feel them drawing in. Stretch the right leg out, lift it off the ground and hover it. From the abdominals lift the leg, the amount you lift the leg should be small to ensure that you are working from the abdominal and not from your quad/hip flexor. 

Forearm plank knee taps: interlace hands if there are any wrist issues. The slower you tap and focus on keeping the hips in line with the shoulders the more intensity you will feel in your abdominals. 

I want to encourage everyone to get through the workout. To do it to the best of your ability, add reps if necessary or cut it down. But work on form, on feeling the fire and pushing yourself to your limits. That is how you get the extra one percent increases. And yes, one percent. The separation is that small and that hard to attain.