WWD #4

Runner’s Edge

1 mile easy warm up pace (50-65% MAX HR)

2 miles pace progression (75-80% first mile, 85-90% second mile) 

2 miles hill work (find a .4-.5 mile hill that has a steady climb) easy jog down—should be :30 slower than how fast you are going up)

1 mile cool down 

2 minute rest after run

2 rounds of:

ALL WEIGHTS ARE HEAVY (find your one rep max and size down depending on # of reps)

15 Deadlifts

10 Kettle Swings

10 Squats

10 Single Leg Squats 

25 Heel Raises 


Beginners: Cut the run down to one mile warm up, one mile hill work and one mile home. Work your way up and be patient. Running is more about working within the limits of your body, and it will give you perspective when lifting. Never rush into a faster pace or heavier weight. Listen to the body and how it is responding to the workouts. 

Advanced: This is an advanced workout to begin with, I challenge all runners to lift heavier. I have broken down the deadlifts before into 5 @ one rep max and then the remaining 10 at my heavy weight. If you are scared of lifting that much weight, always try one rep and focus on form. If everything checks out, then you could modify the reps and build your way up. 

This is a workout that you should grow into. If you are a runner, try your best with doing one round the first time and see how your body responds. If you typically just lift, then focus on building up your cardio and finding a challenge in that part of the workout.