WWD #7

Workouts are important to our mental and physical health. Chronic pain can be debilitating and take over your mental and physical health. This week I wanted to take a side step and focus on small habits that can affect our daily lives. We have all felt the stiffness from sitting in a chair all day or being on our phones for too long. If that habit persists, we become more limited in our range of motion. Not only does that impair our daily activities, but it will vitally impact your workouts as well. 

I have chosen a specific area of focus for each day of the week. These are small tasks that we usually are not thinking about. Setting up reminders on your desk, your phone, computer(s) and at home will make these small habits become amplified when you take the time to correct them. Just like a workout you can set aside time each day to focus on the exercises. And while you probably won’t be changing your muscle mass, you will be feeling a whole lot better. 

I suggest doing each day’s blog post to the best of your ability. If for some reason you need more attention or more time in a specific place, then carve out that time not only for this week but in the weeks and years to come. Some of you might even need to see a specialist in order to properly diagnose and treat your condition. And while all of these exercises are relatively safe and easy. You should always make sure you have spoken to a doctor before starting any diet, or workout plan.

Today, you get a very simple yet truth telling session. 

3 rounds of:

Hollow Hold :30/1:00/1:30 (flexed foot round 1, pointed toes round 2, neutral round 3)

Crunch Set 5x10 

Oblique Set 5x10/side

Hollow Rocks x10/x15/x20

Roll Out x10

3 rounds through, pick your time or rep set for the hollow hold and rocks. Find that space for yourself that challenges the body and mind but also respect your body and know the limits. This is a set that I would incorporate into most of my clients weekly routine. If you have the time to do this every week I would highly suggest adding this to your mix. It will strengthen your abdominals but more important is balances the strength of the body so that your legs are not dominating and your core is working hard enough to maintain a good posture throughout the day. 

Stay tuned for our first post that will be uploaded Sunday!