Today we focus on movement. Creating new shapes with our bodies. Truth is that what you do matters, but what you are not doing can be even more vital. The positions that you put yourself in on a daily basis allows your joints to improve or limit the range of motion that you currently have. In endurance workout sessions, the clock will count how long you are in each zone. Think of the time you spend standing, sitting, laying on the couch and sleeping verse the time you spend moving. Let’s try to increase the time we spend moving our bodies.

Choose to focus not just on walking more or sitting less but about finding new shapes. Try sitting on the floor and eating a snack, maybe even a full meal. Try to squat as low as you can and hold it. Stand up and shake the legs, stretch out and take a couple of deep breaths. Taking the time to see your body, to feel your body and to make notes about what the body is experiencing is vital to your overall success and improving pain. Setting aside time to move your body is different than a workout. Everyday, throughout the day we should be moving our bodies. Simply running, cycling or walking is not good enough. We need to lift weight, we need to get down low, stretch out and change directions. Today, think of ways to go up and down, such as a hike or doing a set of stairs. Side to side movement, such as tennis or dancing. Sometimes even spending time with kids can create a ton of new positions for your body. Be creative in your exploration of new ways to move.

The most important part of this week is doing what is right for your body. Taking in everything I just said, try to come up with ways that you can incorporate today’s exercises into your daily routine. It is not good enough to just read this post or to be inspired we must put it to action. Multiple times throughout the day. The more you do, the better you will feel. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Katherine RyanComment