Yesterday we focused on movement, today we take snapshots of your movement throughout the day and examine posture. If I photographed you at work, at home, if I found your shoes and examined those, what would I see? While moving the body is essential, how we move and how that has evolved with the addition of time, stress and environment is crucial in understanding why we are experiencing these symptoms. Spend time today thinking about how long your spine is and how your body sits, stands and moves. Being aware of how your body operates in space is a key part towards feeling better. Do you tense up when your boss walks in the room, do you hunch forward at the desk during an 8 hour shift or do your shoes wear quickly through the inner or outer heel? A basic glute contraction, some clients walk in to their first session and have no idea how to contract their glutes, or they think that they are. Turn in the mirror and look. Watch it soften and watch it contract. You should be able to do that with each muscle at command. Taking 1-2 minutes every hour to sit taller, to walk smoother and to breathe a little deeper will have a positive impact on your life. Do it today, and then every day after that.

Katherine RyanComment