Feet. The first contact point with the ground, how we walk and what we decide to put on our feet makes or literally breaks you. Start this day by taking a look at some of your most beloved footwear. Are the heels worn out on one side, are they simply too worn out on the bottom, do they fit the width of your foot and are your toes able to spread and stretch out?

Spend your time on watching how you walk. If it is possible to have someone take a video of you walking or being able to see it in a mirror. And then taking 5-10 minutes throughout the day to walk and feel the center line of the foot. If you feel like you are struggling with this exercise or it is a bigger issue, I would highly recommend seeing a PT and getting specific exercises that can strengthen your feet and help you feel more balanced and grounded.

If simply walking is not challenging enough, I would encourage a small yoga flow. Stand with both of your big toes touching. Inhale and reach the arms up, lengthening the spine. Exhale, bring the palms to your heart. Repeat three times. Option to use a wall, bring your left foot to your ankle or upper thigh and work on standing strong through the right leg. Root the big toe, lift the inner arch and feel the foot fire up. Firm the thigh off and feel that lift the work out of the knee and up towards the hip. This will encourage the entire leg to share the work and take the pressure out of the joints. Repeat on the left leg. And work to increase the time spent in this pose.

Along with activation of the muscles of the feet, we need to also release the tension that could be held there as well. Take a tennis ball, or use this link to purchase the actual ball that I am using. I am starting at the center of the heel, pressing my body weight into the ball. Hold for 2-3 breaths. Place the ball at the base of the heel and start rolling side to side. Place as much body weight into the rolling as you feel is necessary. Making sure to breathe and continue to roll up towards the toes. Repeat 2-3 times today.