WWD #6

Plank Power


Forearm side plank—modified

Side plank

Reverse plank


Finger plank

Stretched out plank

Plank 360°

Plank is the window towards any initial weakness in the body. Finding the proper alignment in your plank is crucial in the journey towards increasing awareness of body position and overall strength. Are you aware of the abdominals, are they just sucking in or are they pulling as a unit inward and working together with the deep back muscles? Do you feel the glutes engage in such a way that you gain more length in the low back, but also feel a greater awareness in your hips and pelvic floor? And are your legs engaged or just there? Feeling specific muscles turn on, holding them in that position and being able to choose when to turn them on or off is invaluable in your fitness journey. 

The workout today is all for time. Holding the position, with engaged muscles, awareness and breath for as long as you can, and then repeating that effort. Start with two rounds through, being able to replicate time before you add a third set. 

Your journey to your best self starts and ends with you. The power of the mind, to excuse or not excuse. Choose the path with difficulty, with challenge and with the greatest reward. Fitness is not about looking a certain way, it is about a feeling. It is about becoming the best version of you, and never settling for any outcome, there is always more, always. Be accountable for what you eat, how much sleep, the people that you surround yourself with and the life that you choose to lead. Choose your path, don’t let it be chosen for you.