Take your fitness to the next level. Katherine will hand design a monthly program that will fit your lifestyle while also guiding you towards your goals. For all levels of fitness, please note that there is a minimum of one year commitment to the coaching program. 




Take your workouts from comfortable to focused, different, informative and transformational. One-on-one guidance allows you to personalize your workouts to work with you. Training should never be one size fits all or even most. You run, walk, move and breathe as an individual, why not train like one too. Rates vary, please inquire for more information via email only. Los Angeles residents only. 


This intensive three month block is all about pushing you to exceed your expectations. Get ready to cross off some major goals and have check points along the way that keep you on track and focused. Start by sitting down one on one with Katherine. Here you will map out your nutrition, training and proper recovery. Premium coaching provided by Training Peaks will send you daily workouts and goals that must be achieved. One training session with Katherine per month will allow you to check in and have her eyes and voice keeping you on track. This session can be repeated, and all clients who do bootcamp are required to follow up with one full year of coaching. This is not for someone who wants a crash diet, it is a lifestyle and as such we encourage all clients to be consistent and to follow through on their commitments. Click the link below to get more information.