Many options for many stages of life. If you are new to working out or have taken some time off it is best to start at a slower pace and give your body time to adjust, adding more time and intensity each week until you feel you are ready to handle 60 minutes of strenuous work with limited breaks. Videos are available for streaming and purchase through Vimeo. All equipment that we use can be found here. Scroll down to learn more. 



The best total body workout you can do. The moment you connect with the rhythm and movement patterns your training will never be the same. These sessions are for all levels. Make sure you have a range of weights, women typically start at 8kg up to 24kg and men start at 12kg up to 32kg. Anything above that is considered advanced and will be considered when you have a well rounded practice and routine. 



Conditioning is the base from which all other training begins. Keeping smaller muscles active and increasing range of motion and stability throughout the body. Slow and controlled, all the work done in these sessions will build awareness and strengthen you from the inside out.